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Our story

All Fun Parties was founded by Jonathon Stock, a multi-award winning singer/performer with a great passion for having fun and being a “big kid” at heart.

While completing a Diploma Of Events and performing as a singer and actor, Jonathon combined his passions to create All Fun Parties.

From humble beginnings as a Kids Party Entertainer business in Melbourne, we have since expanded our service area to also include Sydney and Rockhampton.

We also now offer a number of other services including, Party Planning, Hire Equipment, Decoration / Styling, Kids Toy Hire and Party Bags.

Kids Party Entertainer in Melbourne with Birthday Child

What we do

We are a proudly Australian owned and run Event Company, specialising in everything Kids + Events.

Imagine having an event without the stress, so you can truly enjoy the day. Well, good news, this is our mission!

Whether you’re after quality Kids Party Entertainers and Toy Hire, or Event Decorating and Party Planning, All Fun Parties has you covered. 

We have created over 3000 exceptional events in Melbourne, Sydney and Rockhampton. Our event decorators, kids’ party planners and children’s entertainers can take care of everything so you can enjoy the precious moments with your guests.

From Mums and Dads to worldwide organisations, everyone loves All Fun Parties.


Meet The Team



What are my favourite things?

  • Colour – Blue
  • Activity – Singing, gardening and crafts
  • Food – Soft serve ice cream
  • Hobbies – Everything Disney, craft, and binge watching reality TV
  • TV/Movie – McLeod’s Daughters, A Place to Call Home and Beauty and the Beast
  • Best Part of Job – Performing magic shows! I love having fun and making people laugh – it’s the best job


Party Planner / Fun Creator

What are my favourite things?

    • Colour – Yellow, it’s so happy!
    • Activity – Crafts and horse riding
    • Food – I love too many!
    • Hobbies – Harry Potter, Disney, superheroes and animals
    • TV/Movie – The Rocky Horror Picture Show and Once Upon a Time
    • Best Part of Job – Being creative and creating happy memories for families


Head Entertainer

What are my favourite things?

    • Colour – Orange
    • Activity – Reading and camping
    • Food – Sushi
    • Hobbies – I love to travel and learn to say “thank you” in as many languages as possible!
    • Movie/Book – Lord of the Rings and Hunt for the Wilderpeople
    • Best Part of Job – Getting to actively take part in creating amazing memories for the kids we work with! Also, kids are very, very funny!



What are my favourite things?

    • Colour – Purple
    • Activity – Dancing and playing with circus props
    • Food – Olives, pizza and chocolate
    • Hobbies – Crafting festival accessories and fire dancing
    • Movie – Labyrinth
    • Best Part of Job – Bringing smiles to children’s faces and having a positive impact on them. I also love being silly!



What are my favourite things?

    • Colour – Tardis blue
    • Activity – Playing with my cat, creative writing, poetry and kickboxing
    • Food – Dark chocolate, pizza and sushi!
    • Hobbies – Training in stage combat, Harry Potter and baking cookies
    • TV/Movie – Doctor Who, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Queer Eye and anything from Disney
    • Best Part of Job – Making kids laugh and getting to dress up as a superhero!



What are my favourite things?

    • Colour – Green and teal
    • Activity – Cross stitching
    • Food – Cheesecake, strawberries and lasagne
    • Hobbies – Music and Barbra Streisand
    • Movie/Book/TV – Funny Girl, Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine by Gail Honeyman and Parks and Recreation!
    • Best Part of Job – Seeing the Birthday child feel special and celebrated. I love how the kids are invested in games!



What are my favourite things?

    • Colour – Purple
    • Activity – Coaching calisthenics and performing
    • Food – Cinnamon doughnuts
    • Hobbies – The musical Wicked, singing, dancing and reading
    • Movie – Pirates of the Caribbean
    • Best Part of Job – Making the birthday child feel special and seeing everyone having a fun time!



What are my favourite things?

    • Colour – Green
    • Activity – I love photography
    • Food – Lasagne
    • Hobbies – Playing PlayStation
    • Book – The Fallen series
    • Best Part of Job – Seeing the kids’ faces light up with happiness when they see their face paint design in the mirror!



What are my favourite things?

    • Colour – Green
    • Activity – Video games, painting, singing, cosplay and playing football / volleyball
    • Food – Pasta, because you can have so many different types!
    • Hobbies – Star Wars and Marvel. I even have two lightsabers and a Captain America shield
    • Movie – Star Wars and Lord of the Rings
    • Best Part of Job – Seeing the kids smile and laugh. It makes my day to know that I’ve made their day! Getting to dress up is very fun, too!



What are my favourite things?

    • Colour – Green
    • Activity – Playing guitar and rock climbing
    • Food – Curry
    • Hobbies – Films! Movies are my favourite thing in the whole world
    • Movie – Ice Age!
    • Best Part of Job – Making everyone have a fantastic time!



What are my favourite things?

    • Colour – Green
    • Activity – Writing, reading, podcasting and acting!
    • Food – Hot chips or fried noodles
    • Hobbies – Singing and Harry Potter
    • Book – The Harry Potter series and A Series of Unfortunate Events
    • Movie – The Dark Knight
    • Best Part of Job – Connecting to people through sharing stories

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