Fairy Party Ideas Guide for Parents

A Fairy Party is a classic and will be popular for many years to come! Beautiful wings, glitter, dresses and tutus are a favourite for young kids! 

Here are some ideas on HOW TO HOST A FAIRY THEMED PARTY!



You can theme your Venue to look like a Fairy Garden or Forest, complete with toadstools, fake grass, fairy lights, log cushions and lots of greenery. 

Alternatively, you can go for a Fairy Cloud Kingdom Theme. This would be great with colours like purple, pink and blue, rainbows, cloud-shaped cushions and more! 

You can really go all out here and completely transform your Venue.  It can even be a Costume Party! Cement your theme by making the Party Invitations stand out, as well. Create customised printable Invitations, or find them at your local Party Supplies Store.

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Red Toadstool in Grass

Games and Entertainment

Pin the Wings on the Fairy – a twist on the classic ‘Pin the Tail on the Donkey’. Every child can have their own different coloured wings, and see who gets the closest!

Musical Mushrooms, which is a twist on Musical Chairs! Use toadstool cushions or cutouts as the seats.

Host a Make Your Own Magic Wand or Fairy Wings Station! You will be amazed at the different designs that kids come up with! 

Girl Dressed as Fairy in Park

Food and Drinks

Butterfly Cupcakes, Fairy Bread, Fairy Cakes and a Themed Cake to tie it all together! 

For people who like to get creative in the kitchen, you can cut out stars and butterflies in sandwiches and fruit. Don’t forget lots of sprinkles, too! 

Keeping the food traditional while adding some fun props and colours to the tables can be done, too! Adding jars with Fairy Lights create a beautiful atmosphere, too! 

Rainbow Sprinkles on Cookies

Remember, your Party doesn’t have to BE expensive to LOOK expensive! 

Circle Headshot

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