Rainbow Party Ideas Guide for Parents

A Rainbow Party is perfect for both boys and girls! They make really cute 1st Birthday Parties, Christenings and just about any other party, too!

Here are some ideas on HOW TO HOST A RAINBOW THEMED PARTY!



Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink – any colour goes! You can go for the bright colours or the pastel version, both are beautiful! 

Balloon arches made to look like rainbows, balloon sculptures to look like clouds, or just colourful loose balloons make a great impact! 

You can really go all out here and completely transform your Venue.  Tablecloths, backdrops, balloons, plates, cutlery – everything! It can even be a Costume Party! Cement your theme by making the Party Invitations stand out, as well. Create customised printable Invitations, or find them at your local Party Supplies Store.

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Rainbow Balloon Decorations on Parade Float

Games and Entertainment

A Rainbow Treasure Hunt is a great way to start up the fun! Hide Themed objects or gold chocolate coins in one place and get everyone to find them, this is the end of the rainbow! You can even create clues and make it a Scavenger Hunt instead! 

A classic game of Twister can work really well, too! 

Host an Art and Craft Station with chalk and blackboards, or use the concrete! Kids love to create their own designs!

Chalk Rainbow on Ground

Food and Drinks

Desserts with lots of colour can really make your Party stand out! Remember that the cake can make a great centrepiece, too! Fairy Bread, coloured drinks, anything you like! Sweet treats and desserts are easier to theme for a Rainbow Party, however, fruit is naturally colourful, too, so making a Fruit Platter or Skewers will brighten up your Food Table! 

Keeping the food traditional while adding some fun props and colours to the tables can be done, too!

Rainbow Themed Cupcake

Remember, your Party doesn’t have to BE expensive to LOOK expensive! 

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