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Ride On Dog for Kids
From: $15.00
Rocking Horse
Rocking Horse
From: $15.00
Double Rocking Horse Cow
Double Rocking Horse
From: $20.00

Ride On

Give Your Toddlers An Epic Party With All Fun Parties Ride On Toy Hire!

If there is one thing that young children love most, it is fun toys to play with. Here at All Fun Parties, we know that the right toys can transform a party, which is why we offer a range of kids ride on toys to hire.

We have successfully thrown over 3,000 events over the years, and we know exactly what toys kids love. That is why our kids ride on toys collection has been carefully chosen to offer the toys that children love to play on the most!

Looking for ride on toy hire?

If you are looking for ride on toy hire for your next event, then All Fun Parties is here to help. No matter whether you are looking to host a birthday party, are running a school incursion, or want to ensure your colleagues can bring their children to your next corporate event, our ride on toy hire can transform any event.

Using our years of experience, we have picked those toys that kids love to play with the most. From single and double rocking horses, which help children’s imaginations run wild, to our range of fun ride on toys, our mission is to ensure your guests have the best time!

One of the biggest attractions, though, is our Ride ‘n’ Fun Rollercoaster. When it comes to ride on toy hire, the rollercoaster is a fantastic addition to any party, giving toddlers their first thrill of a big ride as they push their way down the track. Guaranteed to raise a smile, our kids ride on toys are recommended for children aged six and under.

Looking for ride on toy hire in Melbourne?

Want to ensure your next party is the best ever? Here at All Fun Parties, our dedicated team is on hand to help you throw the very best kids party! In fact, we’re so confident that your party will be filled with fun and happiness, we guarantee it!

We know how tough it can be to host a party for your child. That is why our hand-picked and professional team are on hand to help take that stress away and help you throw the best party for your kids.

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