Halloween Party Package

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Children’s Party Entertainment Melbourne, Adelaide and Sydney

The ONLY children’s party entertainment option you will need!

We lead your kids party with so many fun activities, so you can relax and watch the show. Packed full of happiness and giggles, our kids entertainers have something for everyone!

All your favourite activities in one package

Our children’s party entertainers host your kids party with a range of fun activities that have been trialled and tested by thousands of kids. Depending on your package chosen and the number of children expected, your party can include, for example:

  • Party Entertainer in a Themed Costume (Pirate, Witch, Wizard or Vampire)
  • Ghost Story
  • A hilarious Magic Show with lots of audience participation
  • Party Games such as Zombie Stomp and Mummy Wrap with themed Music
  • Themed Temporary Tattoos
  • Amazing Balloon Twisting
  • And organising the cake cutting / group photos to finish off the party

Our children’s party entertainers Melbourne and Sydney provide all the equipment required (such as a speaker, prizes and music).

Party Bags

Themed Party Bags can easily be added to your package for only $7 each with FREE SHIPPING. Our Spooky or Lotsa Lollies Party Bags are the perfect accompaniment to the Halloween Party Package. You can browse our full selection of Party Bags here.


Recommended Age: 4 and Up
Number of Children: 1 Hour – 10 Kids, 1.5 Hours – 12 Kids, 2 Hours – 15 Kids
Inclusions: 1 x Children’s Entertainer to provide a Magic Show, Ghost Story, Party Games, Music, Prizes, Dancing, Bubbles and Balloon Twisting. Temporary Tattoos is also included in the 1.5 Hour and 2 Hour Package.
Duration: 1 Hour, 1.5 Hours or 2 Hours


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How far in advance should I book?

Are All Fun Parties operating?

Yes! We are operating COVID-Safe Events.

The safety of our customers and staff are of the highest priority. We are following directions from government and health officials. For more information, see our COVID-19 Update.


What do I need to do?

Party hosts, guests and All Fun Parties’ staff are required to follow government guidelines and health advice.

Requirements may include, for instance, limiting number of guests, wearing masks, maintaining social distancing and hand sanitising.

To see what’s currently required of hosts/guests, please visit our COVID-19 Update.

By booking with All Fun Parties, you agree to follow these guidelines/requirements.


Are there changes to your services?

Yes, some of our packages may be altered to ensure the safety of your guests and our staff.

These include:

  •  Removal of Face Painting – we are currently not offering Face Painting as an activity. Instead, we are happy to offer Temporary Tattoos in its place.
  • Removal of 2 Hour time length from some packages – as some packages will not need the additional time with the removal of Face Painting.
  • Sanitising Hands – children will be required to sanitise their hands before participating in some activities (such as pass the parcel and temporary tattoos).

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.


All your favourite activities, in one package

1 Hour

$ 299
  • Magic Show
  • Party Games
  • Music, Speaker and Dancing
  • Prizes and Bubbles
  • Temporary Tattoos

1.5 Hour

$ 349
  • Magic Show
  • Party Games
  • Music, Speaker and Dancing
  • Prizes and Bubbles
  • Temporary Tattoos
  • Balloon Twisting

2 Hour

$ 399
  • Magic Show
  • Party Games
  • Music, Speaker and Dancing
  • Prizes and Bubbles
  • Temporary Tattoos
  • Balloon Twisting
  • Organising kids for Cake Cutting and Photos

A Party Plan trialled and tested at thousands of events

We know what kids love and we know what works best for a Party Plan!

The Complete Entertainment Package includes “Group Entertainment” at the beginning, followed by “Individual Entertainment” while you serve food.

Click on the tabs to see our 1.5 Hour Party Plan.

We sit the kids down for a laughter filled mini magic show with lots of audience participation. 

This is our first group activity, where everyone joins in together.

The show features flying balloons, a magic prize box, appearing/disappearing tricks, and even a visit from our cheeky puppet Charlie (the highlight of the show!)

Kids LOVE Party Games! This is our second Group Activity, where all the kids join in together. 

We generally run 3 party games – Pass the Parcel, Musical Statues (high energy / dancing), and Limbo.

We bring everything we need, including prizes for every child, speaker, music and bubbles. 

We run with whatever the kids are having fun with! So if they are really enjoying dancing games, we may spend more time on that, or if they are enjoying competition games more, we may run more of those.

Our games are perfect for groups and ensure no one is ever “out”! 

Temporary Tattoos – 

A crowd favourite for sure! This is our first “Individual Activity” where children can line up to get a temporary tattoo of their choice.  After they’ve received their tattoo they are free to play with their friends  while the other children receive their tattoo.

This is a perfect time for you to serve the food. We can tattoo the children one by one, while everyone eats. 

Our Temporary Tattoos are placed on the child’s hand/arm, sprayed with water and then peeled off in approximately 30 seconds to reveal a cool design!

If time is limited on the day, we may hand out the tattoos for children to take home instead.

Our Balloon Twisting adds colour and excitement to the party! 

This is our last entertainment activity and is usually done as soon as the children have finished their food / received their tattoo.

Depending on the party, we either get all the children sitting down on the floor together (preferred option) or standing in a line. We then make a cool balloon design for each person.

During this activity we like to talk with the children, tell stories, answer their questions, and get to know them a bit better.

Kids can choose a design from our Fast Balloon Menu, which has been designed to be visually effective and fast!

Now it is time to finish the party and make sure the Birthday Child is the star of the show!

We organise all of the children together behind the cake table (Birthday Child in the front and centre) and get everyone singing “Happy Birthday”. 

Then, we get organised for a big group photo with the kids (perfect time for you to ask a relative/friend to cut the cake up for you). We usually teach the children 2-3 poses (great for your pictures) including a “silly faces” shot to finish with!

Finally, we say our goodbyes and give out some high fives / hugs while you serve the cake.

By this time, parents have arrived to collect their children and you’ll start receiving lots of compliments on what a fantastic party you arranged!

We host the party and look after all of the Entertainment for the kids

This is by far our most booked package. It has something for everyone and has been trialled and tested at THOUSANDS of parties, just like yours. 

Our Professional Kids Entertainer will host your party with lots of fun activities, so you can relax and enjoy the party too.  This Package has been designed for MAXIMUM fun and to make your party planning life easier.

kids playing with rainbow parachute

Why Choose Us?

100% Fun Guarantee

We are so confident your party will be filled with Happiness & Fun that we Guarantee it! This is our Fun Guarantee, or your money back.

Professional Staff

Our Staff are hand picked, professionally trained and work at parties EVERY weekend.

Stress Less

Sit back and enjoy the day too. You'll be receiving lots of compliments on what a perfect party you have organised.

Free Party Advice

Our Party Planners have created numerous E-books, Tips and Checklists for you to use. All complimentary to the service we provide.

Reliable Service

We show up everytime. Guaranteed.

0 k

Experience You Can Trust

With over 2,000 clients, we have entertained +40,000 Children and counting.


Don’t see your question below? See our full FAQ Page

We do not charge per child, although we do recommend a certain number of children per entertainer / time length.

1 Entertainer

  • 1 Hour – up to 10 kids
  • 1.5 Hours – up to 12 kids

2 Entertainers

  • 1 Hour – up to 20 kids
  • 1.5 Hours – up to 24 kids

We wear our All Fun uniform to every event and it goes great with every theme! It is a colourful and trendy outfit, designed to appeal to kids.

If you would prefer a different costume, please check out our Costume List and contact us to see if it’s available. (only available with the Complete Entertainment Package).

We generally run 3 party games – Pass the Parcel, Musical Statues (high energy / dancing), and Limbo.

We bring everything we need, including prizes for every child, speaker, music and bubbles. 

We run with whatever the kids are having fun with! So if they are really enjoying dancing games, we may spend more time on that, or if they are enjoying competition games, we may run more of those.

Our games are perfect for groups and ensure no one is ever “out”! 

Kids can choose a design from our Balloon Menu for Balloon Twisting. 

These options have been designed to be visually effective and FAST to minimise waiting (generally 1-2 mins per balloon design)! 

Yes we can! We have designed a range of awesome party bags, perfect for every theme!

All with Free Shipping! We will ship the party bags to your home before the party (must order 2 weeks prior to party).

View our range of Party Bags and add them to your cart.

We can provide the entertainment in almost any location! We are a mobile service, so we go wherever you are having the party.

Most people have the party at home or at a hall, which works perfectly.

View our Blog Post on Choosing the Perfect Kids Party Venue

We have bookings months in advance and weekend dates go fast. 

We recommend you booking AT LEAST one month in advance. But the more time, the better.

To see our availability, check the calendar at the top of the page.

Yes! Our entertainers are trained in all areas – magic, games, balloon twisting and face painting. 

Depending on the number of kids attending you may need a second entertainer. See FAQ “How many kids can I have?” for more details.

We recommend the entertainer starting 15-30 mins AFTER the party start time on your invitations. This allows enough time for everyone to arrive and settle in, before we start the group entertainment. 


Every entertainer has a different prize box, but most often our prizes include:

1 x Lolly Prize per child (usually popping candy, sherbet or a lollipop).

1 x Toy Prize per child (usually a slap band, parachute man or bracelet).

We generally arrive 5-10 mins before our Entertainment Start Time.

Because we go through each activity one after the other, we really don’t take long to set up.

All we need to do is plug in our speaker and open our magic kit – then we are ready to go!

We bring everything we need for the entertainment, including our equipment for each activity, a Speaker, Music, and Prizes for every child.

What do You need to provide?

  • Power Point or Extension lead to plug our speaker into. (You need to let us know prior if this is not available so we can bring a battery powered speaker).
  • 1 x Table and 2 x Chairs for Face Painting. A trestle table is perfect, however, if you do not have a separate table, we can use the end of a dining table or other table. (Please ensure these are NOT Kids Size Tables/Chairs. Normal adult size tables and chairs are best).
  • Enough space for kids to sit down and watch the magic show on the floor, without distractions. This works best inside (i.e a living room, rumpus room or sectioned off space). Please ensure this is away from walkways, jumping castles, talking adults, or other distractions. The less distractions, the better the show.

You can pay with any credit / debit card at the checkout.

Unfortunately, we can not accept cash on the day. 

To ensure your event runs smoothly, all payments are made before the event.

To check our availability, click here and select your date / time.

If you preferred date / time is not available online, please call us on 0427 176 023 and we will double check to see if we can fit you in. 

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