How To Host A Low-Waste Kids Party

It’s no secret, Kids Parties can create a lot of rubbish! But the good news is, you CAN have a low wast party, and its not too difficult to achieve.

With the rise in compostable tableware and party goods, it’s never been easier to minimise your waste and still have all the bells and whistles at your next party.

Take some time to plan your party with our tips on a low-waste event.

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Switch plastic plates for biodegradable plates! 

As governments continue to ban single use plastics (yay!), compostable tableware is becoming increasingly easier to find. Nowadays, most grocery stores, party shops and online stores sell paper party plates, cups, bowls and straws.

Our favourite variety are these Natural Fibre/Sugar Cane Plates. Not only do they come in a beautiful neutral colour (that goes with any colour scheme), they are also more sturdy compared to other paper tableware options. 


Send online invitations! Most people these days have an email address that they access regularly. Create some virtual invitations, a Facebook event, or post one invitation to your kids’ school or kindergarten classroom for the parents to take a picture of on their phone. 

You can also send text message invitations and reminders to your phone contacts.

Phone with Facebook and Laptop


Balloons are a great way to liven up any space! Balloons are not made of plastic, as many people believe. They are actually made from latex from a rubber tree such as hevea brasiliensis. They are 100% biodegradable and break down at approximately the same rate as an oak leaf! Isn’t that amazing?

Colourful rugs and cushions are another great way to brighten up your party without throwing them away afterwards! You can also use a fabric table runner instead of a disposable plastic tablecloth. 

Flowers and DIY decorations, such as fabric buntings and backdrops, are very eco-friendly as well as pretty to look at!

Fairy lights can be strung up on trees or along walls. They can also be put in jars as centrepieces to create a beautiful effect. 

Fairy Lights in Mason Jar for Low-Waste Kids Party

Party Favours

Instead of Party Bags, let the kids take home a jar with loose lolliesBubbles and crayons are great party favours, too! Even a balloon will be appreciated. Wrapped lollies and chocolates create a lot of mess and waste. 

Bubbles with Grass Background for Low-Waste Kids Party

Food and Drinks

Fruit platterssandwich platters and hot finger food are great to serve instead of bags of chips and chocolates! They are much healthier and have a lot less waste!

Drinks served from a drink dispenser is also much more eco-friendly than soft drink cans, bottled water and juice boxes. 

Drink Dispenser for Low-Waste Kids Party

Games and Entertainment

To entertain the kids, play some group games such as Treasure Hunt or Limbo. Some art and craft supplies out on a table can do wonders, too! 

Let the kids go nuts on the concrete with some chalk as this can be easily hosed down after the Party! 

Chalk on Concrete for Low-Waste Kids Party

Gift Giving

Wrap your presents in recycled wrapping paper or put your presents in gift bags as they can easily be reused in the future for another present or party! This will help with your low-waste kids party, too! 

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