Kids Party Themes List and Ideas​

Every year we get requests for something new, but there are some Kids Party Themes that we are asked about time and time again!

Here is a list of the top kids party themes and some tips and ideas for how to host them. 


A Superhero Party is great because everyone can join in! There are plenty to choose from and the kids (and adults) can all dress up, too! 

You can pick a particular Character, or have a generic theme – it’s up to you! 

There are so many options with Games, too! 

Use your party planning super powers and host a great party!

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Little Girl in Wonder Woman Costume for Kids Party Theme


A Fairy theme is one that’s most commonly requested for young girls. All the guests can wear some wings, make their own Magic Wands, and, of course, eat Fairy Bread! 

Decorations can be as simple as a Garden Tea Party, or as elaborate as a Magical Forest complete with Toadstools and Lights!

Sprinkle some Pixie Dust and party away!

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Kids in Fairy Costumes in Field

Princes and Princesses

Disney Princes and Princesses have been providing inspiration for kids and parents for generations! Have a Costume Party where your guests can emulate their favourite characters and POOF! You have a party!

You can have a Royal Ball, or create a cardboard Castle for the kids to play with.

Don’t wait until the clock strikes 12 to start planning your Party!

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Girls in Princess Tutu Costumes Outside for Kids Party Theme


Unicorns are very popular right now! There’s so much out there in your local stores with Cakes, Balloons, Games and more! 

Decorate your Party with a Cloud Kingdom Theme, or a Rainbow Theme! 

The kids will love the Rainbow Desserts that this party can bring, too!

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Unicorn Themed Party Cake


Rainbow Themed Parties are great for any age group and so many Events! 

Christening? Check. 1st Birthday Party? Check. Weekend Get-Together? Check. So versatile!

It doesn’t matter what the Guests wear, because all colours are welcome to this Party! 

Keep the Games classic with ‘Pass the Parcel’, ‘Pin the Tail on the Donkey’, or a Treasure Hunt at the end of the Rainbow!

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Rainbow Kids Party Theme Decorations

In the end, whatever Theme you choose, or no Theme at all, have fun and your guests will have fun with you!

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