Party in the Park How-To Guide for Parents

Who doesn’t love a Party at the Park? Sunshine, Playground and FUN!
Keep reading to see our top tips for hosting a successful Party at the Park!


Be sure to have a shaded area where your guests can be comfortable! You may need to arrive early to secure an undercover area, or even bring a portable gazebo or tent!

Gazebo for Party in the Park

Esky or Ice Bucket

Eskies and Ice Buckets are great for somewhere to keep your drinks and food cool! This is a must for the Summer party season!

Cans of Drink in Ice

Picnic Rug

A picnic rug is great for an extra space to sit! The kids can lounge around on it and be comfortable while having a rest!

Picnic Rug on Grass at Party in the Park

Cooking Utensils

For those barbecue parties, make sure to bring at least some tongs! A spatula, a tray, some cooking spray or oil and even a fork can be helpful, too!

Person Barbecuing with Spatula at Party in the Park

Napkins and Water

For grubby fingers, for cleaning the barbecue area, for runny noses! Napkins and water can make a big difference in the cleanliness of your party area!

Person Washing Hands


Tomato sauce, barbecue sauce, mustard, cheese, onions and anything else that you or your guests might like with food!

Table with Condiments


Even a few balloons placed around your party area can alert your guests (and remind kids) of where the party is! It also adds a fun party vibe!

Person Holding Bunch of Balloons

Plan B

Let’s face it, the weather can be unpredictable! Always have a back up plan for those unexpected days that are rainy, stormy or too sunny! You can have your home, or a nearby cafe or restaurant as an alternative!

Girl Making Oops Face

Rubbish Bag or Bin

There will be rubbish! From wrapping paper, to discarded plastic cups, make sure you always clean up after yourself when leaving a public area!

Clip Art of Recycling

Hats, Sunscreen and Band-Aids

Being safe is important to both party hosts and party guests! Hats and sunscreen for sunny days (remember to re-apply as needed), and band-aids for those tripping accidents that may happen!

Lady Putting Sunscreen on Boy


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